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Are you looking forward to lowering your monthly electrical bill?

At LED Are Us, we support businesses and homeowners in developing a strategy to reduce the cost associated with electrical utility expenses. The majority of our procedures begin with lighting since it is the first place to look for savings. By converting to LED lighting technologies, our clients can experience an immediate impact on their utility statement. In many cases with savings that exceed 50% of their occurring lighting cost. We are also able to help both homeowners and business owners identify incentives or rebates that will subsidize the cost of implementing proven energy saving technologies such as LED lighting.

A lot has been said and promised to those looking to retrofit their existing lighting to LED. But how do the numbers stack up? Here are some facts highlighting the advantages of LED lighting over compact fluorescent.

  • LEDs Light up immediately, unlike an incandescent bulb, there is no warm up period
  • LED bulbs project heat. The majority of LED light bulbs stay cool to the touch even after prolong use.
  • LEDs last up to five times longer than CFLs; can last a lifetime on average of 50k hours with some lasting as long as 120k hours.
  • LEDs are not sensitive to cold temperatures
  • LEDs DO NOT contain mercury
  • Unlike CFL, some LED models work with a dimmer switch
  • LEDs are now available in warm, daylight, and pure white hues as well as color.

These facts can be greatly amplified when applied to a large commercial property where the number of fixtures can be reduced while maintaining the level of illumination and in many cases improved. If you want to learn more about the many LED lighting solutions we have to offer contact us today! If you’re in the South Florida area, anywhere from West Palm Beach to Key West, we encourage you to visit our showroom, where we can show you a selection of both LED bulbs and light fixtures available for immediate delivery.