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Commercial LED Lighting Solutions

With savings of more than 50% and a remarkable long life adopting a Commercial LED Lighting Solutions from LED Are Us, it’s not a difficult decision to make for any CEO, CFO, business owners, landlord or property management company. Tremendous energy and maintenance savings, as much as ten times longer life than incandescent lighting, and even several times longer than traditional fluorescent products are some of the reasons that justify the higher upfront cost of LED lighting.

For this reason, Commercial LED Lighting Solutions are today’s lighting solution of choice for retail, office, hospitality, roadway and outdoor lighting applications by those with long-term investment goals. While we do offer Residential LED Lighting Solutions, our specialty has always been and will continue to be commercial and industrial applications.

At LED Are US, we offer industrial and commercial LED lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor including, but are not limited to light fixtures, such as downlights, wall pack, garage lights, parking lots, and recessed LED lights.

Many of our clients call us the LED lighting solution authority, and we take great pride in that. LED lighting is what we do, not only during the summer, or during the winter, not part time but all the time. Whatever your requirement may be we have a solution, and if we don’t, we’ll design one. We offer Commercial LED Lighting Solutions for parking lots, gas station, community parks and walk areas, high or lows ceiling warehouses and more.

Whether you are looking for quotes in retrofitting an existing property or specifying the development of a new project our expert team can help with implementation, design, cost impact and even getting financing all while leveraging all qualifying tax incentives and subsidies.

Let get the conversation started, contact the LED Are Us, Commercial LED Lighting Solutions team today!