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LED Are us, a LED lighting Retrofit company

If you are looking to retrofit an existing facility to LED lighting and or implement LED lighting at a new project you are at the right place. Retrofitting or Implementing a LED lighting solution is a given. The savings are real, ongoing and incredible assets to any real estate property residential or commercial.

Unlike many LED providers who are now coming to market simply because LED lighting is trending, LED Are the US, is an established solution provider with years of experience in the trade. Since founded in 2008, we have become the go to retrofit and solution providers in the South East. You can see our work the minute you land at Miami International Airport or when staying at one of the finest of hotels,  attending a seminar at Blue Lagoon Commerce Park or simply pumping gas.

As a LED retrofitted and Solution provider LED Are Us, LLC can offer you the following:

LED Retrofit Management and LED Conversion Services


With literally thousands of projects under our belt, our design and implementations teams have developed the skills and experience necessary to tackle any size project. Our accessibility and hands-on approach to every project have made us the darlings of many of the top architectural firms in the South East. When dealing with LED Are Us LLC., expect a company that is always looking for the best outcome to any project and a satisfied customer who will refer us blindly. That is how we got here and how we continue to move forward.

Commercial LED Lighting | LED Lighting Upgrades and Services


If there is a LED bulb or lighting fixture made we can supply it! We are not only the #1 independent distributor of CREE in the U.S., and Luminoso Lighting’s distributor of the year, but we also carry Philips, HUBBELL Lighting, Cooper Lighting by EATON, Beacon, Visionaire Lighting, KIM Lighting, RAB Lighting, Spaulding, Lutron and more. Whether you are a local municipality, a car dealership or a small architectural firm, our team will work with you to provide the best lighting solution possible.

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Power buying and consistent high purchase volume have made LED Are Us LLC., an authority in the LED Bulb & Lighting Fixture trade. Because LED Bulb & Lighting Fixture is the only things we do, our purchase volume supersedes that of many if not all electrical part distributors and resellers in the South East. That will only improve as we make a national push to become the preferred provider of LED Bulb & Lighting Fixture throughout the Americas. By the way, did we mentioned that “we export” – Please contacts us today and speak with account rep for your area.