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Residential LED Lighting Solutions

From indoor to outdoor lighting, at LED Are Us we offer homeowners a diverse selection of LED lighting solutions and fixtures to match the warmth of traditional incandescent lighting, one they have not been able to achieve with compact fluorescent lighting.

We offer residential LED lighting solutions to homeowners who are seeking to lower their home’s operating expenses in the area of electrical utilities. By adopting an entire home LED lighting solution, owners can not only expect a weekend to do list that excludes replacing any dead bulbs around the house, but also substantial savings on their electric bill.

Unlike some commercial and industrial applications where retrofitting existing fixtures is required, as in the case of HID, implementing a residential LED lighting solution is as straightforward as replacing a bulb. It’s also important to note that unlike compact fluorescent lighting, LED bulbs are available as three-way bulbs, floods, spots, downlights, linear surface luminaries, and the very popular dimmable capabilities. Combine that with a temperature spectrum ranging from a warm 2700K light to a cool 5000K daylight for nearly all residential applications, and you have a valuable mercury free lighting solution that is not only good for your wallet but also our planet.

Furthermore, with the introduction of Super Flexible Neon LED Rope Lights integrating LED into any home design and d├ęcor has never been easier. As a leading provider of residential LED lighting solution in the South Florida area, we invite you to stop by our showroom. Whether you’re looking to enhance your hallway lights or add under cabinet lighting, we would like to open your eye to one of South Florida biggest selection home LED solution. No, we are not a big box store we South Florida home LED lighting authority!