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LED Lighting Solutions for Home and Commercial Applications

LED lighting technology is not the residential commercial lighting solution of the future but rather the premier GREEN lighting choice of today. Start saving the minute you make the decision to switch to LED lighting technology. With costs reaching competitive price points while consuming as little as 20 percent of traditional lighting solutions is one of the many reasons LED lighting is the superior lighting choice. LED lights also last anywhere from five to twenty times longer which makes LED bulbs the best choice for business owners, homeowners and local municipalities looking to save big on their electricity bill and maintenance.

While there is no doubt that LED as a lighting solution is the right decision, where to buy, and how to implement it, especially from an industrial and commercial standpoint, may leave you with more questions than answers. But when dealing with LED Are Us, you don’t need to worry. We offer the complete service that will help and guide you throughout the process. Our value added services and products are available separately or combined to create a tailor-made package, and a true turnkey LED solution implantation.

LED Lights For Home

Tired of changing light bulbs? Are you looking for areas to lower your monthly household expenses? These and many others including environmental impact are compelling reasons to upgrade to a LED lighting solution for your Home. Unlike some commercial application, in many instances, improving your home with LED lighting is as simple as replacing your bulbs.

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Commercial LED Lighting

Business owners and local municipalities have the most to gain from the implementation of LED lighting. The electrical bill of a large warehouse, whether it is a low or high ceiling, a school or college, an airport parking lot, and especially street lighting can be a burden on the bottom line. We can provide an ROI report for any size commercial or municipal project.

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Design & Implementation

LED Are Us design and implementation team will help you every step of the way. At LED Are Us, we are more than just a distributor of LED light bulbs and fixtures, we are a full-service lighting design and implementation company. We have a full staff of friendly and motivated induvial specializing in assessments, photo metrics & renderings, quotes, warranty, and support.

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Make the Switch to LED with LED Are Us!

So, you want to migrate to LED lighting! Are you ready, but don’t know where to start? No problem, just give us a call. As a leading LED lighting provider in the South East, we have teams of experts that are ready to make it happen for you. We like to begin any new renovation or installation with a lighting survey. The objective is to define the lighting requirements for the project. Once we know that amount of illumination required or expected for each area of your facility we can then specify the components, the cost, the expected savings over time and the implementation schedule.

A successful LED retrofit entails a lot more than just changing light bulbs and fixtures. For example, are you required to achieve certain lighting level requirements? LED Are Us can show you your projected light levels before we even touch a light. With our in-house engineering team, we can find the best solution for your property in the proposal stage before spending a single dollar.   Don’t sweat the details, let our expert team of business and home consultants design a custom LED lighting solution for your particular application, one that meets your needs and budget.

We Represent All Major Brand!

When looking for a LED lighting solution look no further than LED ARE US. We offer you the biggest selection of products, brands, and option. We are LED ARE US and we know LED lighting!

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